1st term start date postponed to 15th of Feb

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

Due to the concern of coronavirus infection in China and subsequent confirmed cases in other countries, our school has decided to postpone the starting date of term 1 to 15th February 2020. This is to reduce the risk of spreading the infection as we have many families who may have travelled to those regions over the past holiday period. We sincerely apologise any inconvenience it may cause. If you have any queries, please contact Ms Lauren Ko, the principal on 0487 761 321 or enquiry@taiwaneseschool.com.au.

If you have recently returned from overseas and are feeling unwell, have a fever or flu-like symptoms, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

鑒於近期對武漢肺炎的擔憂, 為降低可能的疫情對來校上課之學生/家長/探訪者造成最小之影響, 學校決定將開學日延至2月15日開始上課. 為了您的健康, 造成之不便, 敬請見諒. 如您或您的家人, 近期自海外旅遊/探親返澳, 有出現發燒或類流感之不適症狀, 請儘速就醫.  如您有任何疑問, 請電洽學校電話 0487761321 柯校長 或郵件至enquiry@taiwaneseschool.com.au

Kind regards,

Taiwanese School of Melbourne

墨爾本台灣學校 敬啟

資訊分享 Information Re: 武漢肺炎 如果覺得不舒服 請不要去家庭診所 也不要去醫院 請直接聯繫 communicable disease control branch 會有專門的醫生來為您檢查(免費) Re : Corona Virus If you are unwell, please contact communicable disease control branch instead of visiting GP. A specialist will be sent to your door for check up. This service is free of charge. This is a fast spreading virus and there is a confirmed case in Victoria already. School term is about to start, stay safe and protect our children. 【各州的聯繫電話】 QLD: 13 432 584     

ACT: 02 6205 2155   

NSW: 1300 066 055 NT: 08 8922 8044 SA: 1300 232 272 TAS: 1800 671 738 VIC: 1300 651 160 WA: 08 9222 8588

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