[English Version] Term 3 - Online Teaching Schedule & Fees

Dear parents,

As a result of the increased number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews announced stage three restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from 11.59pm on 8th July 2020 for 6 weeks. This means the community language schools are not to re-commence face to face teaching when term 3 starts. Our school will start online teaching from 18th July until further notification from the department of education.

Each teaching session will be 3 hours, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm on Saturdays. (3-hour sessions are for all students above prep levels)

The age of the children in the playgroups and preps are too young for 3-hour online learning. Hence the online learning for playgroups will only be 1 hour per week and for prep (Zhuyin and Pinyin) classes will be 2 hours per week.

We sincerely wish all our students will continue online learning in 2nd semester (ie term3 and 4). At this unprecedented challenging time, our school and teachers have adapted new ways of teaching since term 2. Even though we did not charge parents for these online lessons in term 2, our school still has to pay for the ongoing expenses including payrolls for the staff and teachers. From 2nd semester (ie term 3 and 4), the normal hours of teaching will resume, with online platform and we will start to charge for the school fees. We appreciate to have your understanding. Your support is important for our school and for language teaching and we hope to see many of your children continue with online learning.

School fee calculation

  • $300 per semester (two terms/ 17 weeks)

  • Term 1 –total of 5 face to face lessons (15th Feb – 14th March 2020), fee of $90

  • VCE unit 1&2 class $560 per semester (two terms/17 weeks). Term 1 (5 lessons) = $165

  • Playgroup – Term 3 (9 weeks ,1 hour per week, total 9 hours) = $50

  • Zhuyin and Pinyin (prep level) – Term 3 (9 weeks, 2 hours per week) = $100

If you have already paid for the first semester, your credit (after deduct the fee of 5 weeks) will be automatically transferred to 2nd semester. (We will not be able to give you more credit, even if your child did not attend all 5 weeks.)

If you have not paid for the first semester, the 1st semester fee of 5 weeks will be added to your invoice for the next semester. (You will be charged for 5 weeks even if your child did not attend all 5 weeks.)

You will receive the invoices for the school fees via email in the next few days. The school fee will need to be paid via direct bank transfer by 20th July 2020, in order for your child/ren to continue his or her lessons.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s learning or school fees, please email us on enquiry@taiwaneseschool.com.au.

Collect textbooks and exercise books (only for students who have paid their fees)

Time and place: To be notified later

Meanwhile we will have to use e-textbooks for our lessons. Please download from https://www.huayuworld.org/material-download.ph

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Taiwanese School of Melbourne

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