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Student Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend classes on a regular basis. Absences mean that students may miss the assessments and the opportunity to demonstrate achievements of the relevant standards.


Classes may be cancelled on held online in cases of extreme heat. Extreme heat is defined as when the predicted temperature for the school day exceeds 38°C. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website will be used as the definitive source of the forecast. During periods of elevated temperatures, all parents should monitor the predicted temperature to prepare for any eventual cancellation of classes.



Student Collection Policy


The School has the following procedures in place for the safe collection of students from school, both during and after normal school hours. The Delivery and Collection of Children in a safe manner is of the highest priority to our School. For the purposes of this policy a person delivering or collecting children from the School must be 18 years of age (the parent/legal guardian, or an authorised person by the parent/guardian).


  • Parent can drop off their child(ren) at the building in the open area where a nominated teacher will supervise students together until classes start. Parents are not allowed to leave their child(ren) unattended in the building before 8:50am (Altona Meadows) or 1:20pm (Ashwood) as there will be no duty teacher supervising the students. Please do not let students enter the classroom when there is no teacher present.  

  • Students in playgroup and prep levels are needed to be signed in and out by parents or authorised person on their arrival and collection.

  • Parent/Guardian are not allowed to enter the buildings where the classes are conducted during school time between 9:00am to 12:00pm (Altona Meadows) or between 1:30pm to 4:30pm (Ashwood).


  • Students who are under level 6 are to be collected from the classroom by their parent/guardian or an authorised person.

  • If the authorised person collecting the student is not known to the school, verification of identity using suitable photo identification (such as a driver’s licence) must be sighted by school staff in the office.


  • If a student is to be collected from the School during school hours, particularly primary students (under level 6), the person’s details must be recorded including:


  • Date and time

  • Reason for collection

  • Name of person who collects the child

  • Parent/guardian cannot collect their child(ren) directly from the class. He/she must come to the office and request the early dismissal. After checking his/her personal details, school staff will go to the class and bring the child(ren) to the office for collection. Alternatively, a school staff will walk with the parent/guardian together to the classroom to collect his/her child(ren).

  • Children and students in playgroup and prep level are not allowed to walk out of the classroom themselves to find their siblings or their parent/guardian.

  • The older students (i.e. secondary students) who have sufficient maturity are allowed to leave the school ground independently after the school finishes, with the knowledge and consent of their parents.

The information resource is available on the Department’s website at

Last Update: March 2024

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