Dietary policy - Nut Free School

為考慮對堅果/花生類有過敏反應的學生的安全,學校將嚴格執行無堅果/花生類安全環境,以降低學生對堅果類過敏反應發生,學生帶來學校的點心/零食請勿包含任何堅果類/花生, 感謝您的配合。

Dietary policy for restricted foods is updated to address current health care plans. We have individual care plans for children with allergies. In recognition of the severe consequences of an allergen exposure to school children or family members with nut or seed allergies, we implement a plan to be a Nut Free School Site during all school programs.


Tree Nuts and Peanuts and all products containing traces of these are excluded from the school site and avoided in all food served to our students.

Elimination of any tree nut, peanut, or seed content in all foods brought to school.

Inclusion of all school families in awareness and support of this policy.

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