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Important Message from School Council Committee

Dear parents and guardians,

After 12 years of distinguished service and outstanding leadership, Ms Lauren Ko, principal of Taiwanese School of Melbourne, has decided to depart from her leadership position. Collectively, we sincerely thank Ms Ko for her dedication and service to this community and wish her every success and happiness for the future.

From the start of Term 2, Ms Francie Chen, who formerly was our Pre-VCE 3 teacher, has now taken up the position of school principal. She has a high level of experience in the area of teaching and administration. Ms Chen has received a detailed handover and is very much looking forward to working with the school community.

There will be a formal farewell and handover ceremony at the end of Term 2, to officially thank Ms Ko for her significant contribution, as well as to welcome Ms Chen as our new principal. In addition, we will also celebrate our 25th anniversary of the school’s establishment at this formal event. The community will be notified of the details at a later date.

Kind regards,

School Council Committee Taiwanese School of Melbourne

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