What you need to know for the 1st day of school on 6th Feb 2021

Hope you all are safe and well. We cannot wait to see you this Saturday (6th Feb) for the first class of the year!

To help you navigate through the first day, please have a look at the school map and information regarding pickup/drop-off.

Please reach out if you have any questions. See you soon!

學校消息-Term 1-Feb
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School News 2021-2-1_Eng
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Return to face to face learning on 20th February

各位親愛的家長, 五天的禁令解除, 所有學校被允許返校上課. 我們學校也將在這週正常返校上課, 請各位家長/同學們遵守州政府當前的防疫措施, 並配合學校 COVID Safe Plan 的實施, 大家共同維護一個安全又健康的學習環境. 墨爾本台灣學校 敬啟 Dear Parents, The lifted restriction is that language schools are going

COVID Safe Plan

Our COVID safe plan to ensure that everyone stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us if you have any questions.

學校消息 2021 Term 1 - 收費方式 School Fee

各位親愛的家長, 大家新年快樂! 學校將於2月6日開學返校上課, 經過去年幾乎一整年的網上課程, 很感謝各位家長的協助, 同學們也認真地繼續中文的學習. 雖然線上課程很圓滿很成功的完成, 但是我們仍然很期待坐在教室裡一起學習的氛圍. 很高興今年我們可以回到學校與大家見面, 學生們一起坐在課室裡上課. 學校將依據Department of Education and Training (DET)